Hayman's London LONDON DRY GIN 47% Vol. 0,7l


Hayman's London LONDON DRY GIN 47% Vol. 0,7l


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SKU: 35656

Proizvajalec: Hayman

Tip izdelka : Gin

Volume, ml: 700

Alcohol, ABV: 47.0

Gin type: London Dry Gin

Country: Great Britain

Barcode: 5021692650279


The Hayman family is the oldest gin-producing family in London, dating to 1863.

All three Hayman’s gins use the same 10 botanicals, in different proportions.

Hayman’s London Dry Gin presents an intense, oily texture from juniper, angelica, and orris root, accented by a bit of citrus.

Has a fresh scent of citrus, juniper and floral notes that in the mouth a blend of citrus flavors shown with pepper and licorice notes that make an original flavor is obtained.

This structure, along with the traditional 47% alcohol, allows Hayman’s London Dry to show intensity and focus when diluted.

This gin is unmatched as a base for the full range of classic gin cocktails, from high-dilution sours (such as the French 75) to striking Martinis at any proportion of gin to vermouth.

The aromatic intensity of this gin makes it the ideal Martini gin, even at the classic 1:1 proportion.

Hayman’s London Dry is the perfect partner for tonic. We believe that a Gin and Tonic should always be balanced in measure to ensure that the gin flavours shine through.

Recommend one-part gin to two-parts tonic, garnish with lemon or any other citrus fruit.

Hayman's London LONDON DRY GIN 47% Vol. 0,7l

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