SeRum Elixir 35% Vol. 1,5l


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SKU: 32744

Blagovna znamka: SeRum

Kategorija : Rum

Vrsta ruma: Flavored and Spiced Rum

Volumen: 1500 ml

Alkoholna stopnja: 35.0%

Čas staranja: 8 years

Poreklo: Panama

Črtna koda: 8009366980157


A honeyed and fruity aroma with hints of Sérum Elixir is inspired by a reconstructed recipe of similar elixirs, used by workmans and slaves during the construction of the Panama Canal to protect, cure, and energize themselves. Today, we use Sèrum to fight tough Mondays.

Sérum Elixir is a super-premium rum-based spirit. 

This blend is aged up to 8 years and is flavored by a long, slow maceration of fruit, herbs, and spices.


A honeyed and fruity aroma with hints of almonds and peaches. The palate is round and smooth with a rich flavour of fruits.

Taste of Panama in every drop

SeRum Elixir 35% Vol. 1,5l

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