KHOR GRAPHITE Vodka 40% Vol. 1l


KHOR GRAPHITE Vodka 40% Vol. 1l


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SKU: 38164

Blagovna znamka: KHOR

Kategorija : Vodka

Volumen: 1000 ml

Alkoholna stopnja: 40.0%

Base spirit: Wheat

Poreklo: Ukraine

Črtna koda: 4820163123882


Here we have got our hands on another delicious Ukrainian vodka from the Khortytsa Distillery. The exclusive KHOR GRAPHITE VODKA is the latest launch from the award-winning distillery. 

It comes in a beautiful and unique black bottle, which symbolizes the graphite through which the vodka is filtered. It is a nice and tasty vodka at a completely unique price.

Both the name and the bottle design are taken from the special carbon – GRAPHITE – also called black lead. 

Besides being used to make your pencils write, it can also be used for filtering impurities. 

And that is precisely the case here. KHOR GRAPHITE VODKA receives a final filtration through a uniquely designed graphite filter, which ensures a crystal clear and soft vodka.

KHOR VODKA is not yet a widely used vodka brand in Denmark, but they really are worldwide. In fact, the brand is the 3rd bestseller worldwide! 

This is primarily due to their good quality and taste, combined with a very friendly and fair price.

Previously, both the distillery and their vodka were called KHORTYTSA - but they have chosen to rebrand themselves to create a more modern look. 

And both the name and the bottle design have been changed - in our eyes, this is a clear improvement. The bottles have become both more exclusive and modern.

Khortytsa Graphite Vodka Tasting notes:

In the nose, we get a mild and clear fullness, where wheat notes play the main role. 

You sense that the vodka is completely clean, but at the same time rich. 

On the tongue, we get a nice warmth and a good bread-like fullness. 

The texture is light and fine. 

In the aftertaste we get a good, warm fullness which is lifted by light, sweet touches. It is very easy to drink, but full-bodied at the same time.

KHOR GRAPHITE Vodka 40% Vol. 1l

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