Rum Nation

Rum Nation Rare Rum Engenho Novo Whiskey Cask 2009/2018 52% Vol. 0,7l


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SKU: 32696

Blagovna znamka: Rum Nation

Kategorija : Rum

Vrsta ruma: Premium Aged Rum

Volumen: 700 ml

Alkoholna stopnja: 52.0%

Vintage: 2009

Čas staranja: 9 years

Poreklo: Italy

Pakiranje: Giftbox

Črtna koda: 8033749404381



Another full-bodied “agricole” rum from this very traditional distillery on the island of Madeira, this time fully matured in bourbon barrels. 

Very concentrated and dark, it has a rich sweetness of dates, ripe figs and sultana raisins, with notes of cola and black tea. 

The herbal note, as expected for a full-sugarcane rum, is noticeable. 

The sweetness is soon backed by a very peppery character, a pleasantly oaky note and plenty of liquorice root. 

The finale is drier than expected.


This rum has been fully matured at the distillery of origin, in a Tropical climate.

The effect of the warm weather and humidity speeds the maturation process and the interaction with the oak of the cask: the result is a rum which is already perfectly mature and fully expressive at a relatively young age, and a very bold flavour profile which differs from that of rums which have been aged only for a period in the Tropics and then in Europe for the remaining maturation period.

Choosing between the bold taste of Tropical Ageing or the slower but subtler taste of Continental Ageing is a matter of personal preference, and the true connoisseur will enjoy tasting the difference between the two methods: since we consider this information important for the discriminating rum aficionado, we always declare it on the label!


  • NAT: NAT 68
  • DISTILLERY: Engenho Novo
  • DISTILLED: 2009
  • BOTTLED: 2018
  • CASK N°: 140/141/144
  • AGE: 9
  • ALCOHOL: 52.0%
  • OUTTURN: 714
  • AGEING: Tropical
  • CASK TYPE: 1st fill Bourbon
  • ORIGIN: Madeira
  • DISTILLED FROM: Sugar cane juice

Rum Nation Rare Rum Engenho Novo Whiskey Cask 2009/2018 52% Vol. 0,7l

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