Aeijst UMBRA Gin 41,5% Vol. 0,5l


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SKU: 30312

Blagovna znamka: Aeijst

Kategorija : Gin

Vrsta gina: Regular Gin

Volumen: 500 ml

Alkoholna stopnja: 41.5%

Poreklo: Austria

Regija: Styria

Črtna koda: 9120065990052


Aeijst Umbra is a gin that presents itself as very emotive. We like to call it painterly. The fruity and spicy aromas of the botanicals have been completely re-composed and strengthened. This has more to do with painting than with classic recipes.

To drink:
Pure and very pleasant to drink. Excellent as an accompaniment to coffee, in hot espresso or cold brew, with an ice-cold, natural cola, for witty new cocktails, but also as a classic gin and tonic. Perfect for a hot day, a cold night and a positive mood.

Finely balanced in its recipe. Picturesque in taste. Emotional, but not naïve. For us, Umbra is a passionate reinterpretation that breaks with familiar gin tastes. It’s a shadow. A cool spot in the sun. Vibrant, burnt earth. Umbra.

Aeijst UMBRA Gin 41,5% Vol. 0,5l

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