Luftbremzer Gin 44% Vol. 0,7l


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SKU: 33788

Blagovna znamka: Luftbremzer

Kategorija : Gin

Vrsta gina: Regular Gin

Volumen: 700 ml

Alkoholna stopnja: 44.0%

Poreklo: Croatia

Črtna koda: 3857500071408


Gin Luftbremzer is a creation of young Croatian entrepreneurs . Filip Presečki, a gin enthusiast, started distilling gin in his kitchen. The success of his recipes with those around him motivated him to want to transform this passion into a profession. Thanks to a crowdfunding campaign and his association with 2 friends, he managed to make his project a reality and launch Luftbremzer Gin in 2018!

The idea being to offer a truly Croatian gin, most of the plants used (juniper, chamomile, angelica root, coriander, etc.) come from Croatia.   The word Luftbremzer is also linked to Croatia but more particularly to Zagreb since it refers to the word used to designate an emblematic person of the city, someone that everyone knows and who cannot be dissociated from Zagreb .

Luftbremzer Gin 44% Vol. 0,7l

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