Rick BRAVE Dry Gin 47% Vol. 0,5l


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SKU: 30230

Blagovna znamka: Rick

Kategorija : Gin

Vrsta gina: London Dry Gin

Volumen: 500 ml

Alkoholna stopnja: 47.0%

Poreklo: Austria

Črtna koda: 9120083090024


“Rick Gin” is a premium gin that is handcrafted from organic ingredients. The focus is on regionality and sustainability. The production takes place using the most modern firing technology. Produced exclusively by hand according to the highest of all quality standards – “London Dry”. 

After countless tests, Master Distiller Patrick Martinelli is already bringing 4 types of gin onto the market. 

Rick Rich a dry gin which is fruity and particularly citrusy at 43% alcohol; a London Dry Gin - Rick Brave - with strong juniper notes, fine pepper and ginger noticeable on the nose and palate at a strong 47% alcohol, Rick FEEL, a Mediterranean gin in which rosemary, olive, orange blossom paired with basil and thyme set the tone perfectly balanced 41% alcohol as well as Rick Cote d'Azur NATURAL FLAVOURED GIN, which is handcrafted in a natural way in Vienna using only the best selected citrus fruits from France.

Botanicals: Juniper berries, coriander, angelica root, cubeb pepper, Tasmanian mountain pepper, lemons, ginger, nutmeg, cardamom, cumin, elderflower, chamomile.

Silver medal in 2019 your the World Spirits Awards
Awarded as Participating Distillery in 2019 at the World Spirits Awards
89 points from Falstaff 2018


Rick BRAVE Dry Gin 47% Vol. 0,5l

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